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Daily Journal

Week 29, March 4 - March 10

Thursday, March 4th (84 days to go)
Another late entry. I think after today my days will go back to normal. Yesterday was a busy day. I had mentioned that my computer had to have its operating system re-installed and then some software got to be reinstalled. Well my computer is back up and running better than ever. We had all ready been talking about getting high-speed internet, so now we do. I can update this website and I'm not tying up the phone line. And I can finally listen to things online, and watch things online. I'm very happy. Also... when we discovered that instead of owing the IRS money this year we'd be getting some back, we decided to get Isaac a laptop. So we did. And its wireless as well... meaning Isaac can do all of his work from the comfort of the living room and not on my computer. ;) It wasn't a big deal, but lately I've been on the computer more often, doing work actually. And I'm hoping that I can do more freelance work, which means I'll continue to need to use the computer. So... we're all connected and set. yea!

No news on the baby. Not even a phone call from the doctor's office yet and it's 2:10pm. I've still got another couple of hours to worry, but I'm so hoping I hear nothing.

Baby Update: By today, there are eyelashes present on [the] baby's eyelids. [The] baby's eyes are sensitive to various levels of light and darkness, but can't detect objects yet. Since the light waves of the visible spectrum carry visual information to [the] baby's brain, the baby's eyes are preparing to see after birth. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Friday, March 5th (83 days to go)
So I didn't hear from the doctor's office yesterday. Of course I'm not considering myself to be in the clear until I get a piece of paper in the mail stating that everything looked fine.

For the last couple of days I think Ella's been trying to push my bellybutton out with her foot. It doesn't feel very good. She's getting so big now that some of her movements don't feel very good. She's filled out the space in there, so I feel every roll from side to side that she does. And often she has her little rear end right up against my ribs, which is very uncomfortable. I try to push her back down, but it doesn't always work. Can I say how much I want May to be here? These last 3 months will be no picnic.

Baby Update: This is another highly significant day in [the] baby's development. The baby's brain can now direct rhythmic breathing and control body temperature. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Saturday, March 6th (82 days to go)
Still not heard from the doctor's office. yea!!!!

Here is something fun some one posted on a message board of other expectant moms for the month of May that I frequently visit. Good to see there are other women going through the exact same things that I am!!

Good things about being pregnant

1) You're guaranteed to stop traffic whenever you cross the street.

2) People look at your tummy and can't help smiling, as if the mere thought of your being pregnant has actually made their day a little bit brighter.

3) You can eat a whole pint of chocolate-chunk ice cream and not feel guilty. Every nite!

4) You can -- no you must! --take naps. And lots of them!

5) Getting to name another human being.

6) Watching your husband turn into a father when he kisses your belly good night, reads to the baby in utero, or stays up until 3:00 a.m. putting the crib together -- just in case the baby decides to come eight weeks early. (In my case, it's Isaac developing conspiracies against mommy with Ella before she's even born!)

7) Sex: For once in your life, you're neither worried about getting pregnant nor trying to get pregnant. You can have sex just for the pure fun of it.

8) Buying a bathing suit. It's not about hiding your flaws; it's about flaunting your belly. (forget buying bathing suits!!!!)

9) Those wild, intense, amazing pregnancy dreams in which every remote person from your past makes some sort of appearance. None of these dreams can even begin to be analyzed or understood.

10) The amazing anticipation. It's like all your previous birthdays and holidays rolled into one.

11) Imagining the possibilities.

12) More personal space! And you have no qualms about claiming it.

13) You eat healthier, drink more water, and carefully read ingredient labels. Suddenly, it matters more to you what you put in your body. (isn't this contradictory to #4?)

14) In the middle of a boring meeting at work or a meaningless argument, you feel your baby squirming inside you and the sensation takes you away. It's your own secret communication.

15) Getting to hear the swish swish swish of your baby's heartbeat on the Doppler.

16) Playing "Guess the part sticking out," usually at bedtime, when your baby starts moving furniture around or whatever it is she does in there.

17) The extra attention you get from everyone -- your husband gives you more foot rubs, and your friends call to check in more often. Neighbors offer to help; coworkers volunteer to get lunch for you.

18) The pregnancy beauty package: thick, silky hair; long, strong nails; beautiful skin; big boobs.

19) Getting to skip to the front of the line in public rest rooms.

20) Shopping for a person you haven't met yet: tiny clothes, all-new furniture, and adorable room decorations.

21) Dreaming about the first time someone calls you "Mommy" and the first time you hear someone call your husband "Daddy."

22) Baby showers! They remind you how special your friends and family think you are. (and it's like it's a birthday party for yourself, even though the presents are for the baby)

23) A continuous sense of accomplishment. You can answer "What did you do today?" with cool things like "I made ears" or simply "I'm making a person. What did you do?"

24) Spending immeasurable amounts of time trying to remember all those nursery rhymes, children's songs, and lullabies. (and searching for old nursery rhyme books I had when I was a kid so Ella can enjoy them too)

25) Knowing that all the bad stuff -- the heartburn, swollen ankles, backaches, and the rest -- doesn't last forever. And that in the end, it's all worth it.

26) People giving up their seat on the bus/tram for you.

Baby Update: Each day that passes brings the baby closer to birth and closer to completing the prenatal phase of their development. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Saturday, March 6th (82 days to go) - Entry #2
I got the official letter from the doctor today that says I do NOT have gestational diabetes!!!! You have no idea how happy and relieved I am. I had the Rocky theme song playing in my head, and my arms lifted in victory as I walked the sidewalk back in to the house. I did not care if any one saw me and thought me odd. :)

Sunday, March 7th (81 days to go)
Since I don't have anything new to report today, I thought I'd take a moment to educate you on gestational diabetes (even though I don't have it)... I had some people question me as to what it was and what that means, and since I have friends who have yet to go through the wonder that is pregnancy, I thought I'd share with you what I know.

Gestational diabetes occurs 1 to 2 percent of expectant mothers, which makes it the most common pregnancy complication. It is easily managed however by diet and exercise, and some times medicine. It is a temporary condition, and one that most often disappears after delivery. At about 28 weeks, the placenta begins producing hormones that that can cause insulin resistance. If GD occurs, it does make both mother and baby more at risk for developing diabetes later in life. Though maintaining a good weight and diet will most likely keep this in check. If GD does occur, and it is monitored, both mom and baby will turn out just fine.

There you have it. Everything you did and did not want to know about gestational diabetes.

Baby Update: Over the next three days or so, the baby's skin will begin to be smoother as more fat is deposited underneath its surface. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Monday, March 8th (80 days to go)
No heartbeat sound today. When the computer crashed last week the program I used to create the mp3's needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled... I found the cd, but I don't know what the serial number is (and I have a feeling Isaac didn't keep that around). It's just as well... the heartbeat sounds good through the doppler but when I recorded it it came out all scratchy and quiet. What the hey... I'll attach the .wav file. You may need to download it to your desktop first before listening to it. And here is Baby Center's take on 29 weeks.

My feet are starting to swell up. My ankles got there before my feet did. Yesterday they looked like elephant feet. :( They still fit in to my shoes at least... it's just my boots that zip up the side that don't fit like they used to... just can't zip them all the way to the top anymore. Other than that I've been feeling pretty good. No back aches or other aches and my energy level has been up. I still tire out pretty quickly, but I've got this big bowling ball I'm carrying in front, so that's to be expected.

Tomorrow at noon we have the 4D ultrasound. That's going to be so cool. As soon as I get home I will scan the pictures and post them on the website on a new appointment page. And then Thursday I have another regular doctor's visit. Let's hope this next visit is all sunshine. The last one left me feeling depressed.

Last night I had a couple of really weird dreams. Been awile since I had any of notable interest. Last night's included poltergeists in a house I was supposed to renovate, but myself and whoever else was working were too scared to do the work. There was another weird one but I don't remember much about it. Okay... enough babbling from me.

Baby Update:Over the next three days, the baby will become more sensitive to light, sound, taste, and smell. The touch sensitivity of [the] baby's skin is already well established. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Tuesday, March 9th (79 days to go)
We had that 4D ultrasound today. Follow this link to see more pictures.

I made a comment in yesterday's entry about Isaac having not kept a serial number around... I stand corrected. Just thought I'd mention that I didn't give him enough credit. :)

Baby Update: By today, the surface of the baby's skin is smoother and whiter as body fat accumulates under its surface. The fat the baby is putting on is white fat, not the brown fat that is used in temperature regulation earlier in the pregnancy. White fat is insulating and is an energy source. Fat babies aren't necessarily healthier babies, but some fat is needed for normal body functioning. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Wednesday, March 10th (78 days to go)
I guess I don't have anything new to add... that or I'm too tired to remember. I was up earlier than I would have like to have been today.

Baby Update: The baby's eyes can now move in their sockets. The baby is practicing looking. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.
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