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Dr. Appt. Updates
<< Feb. 26th - 27 wks

March 9th, 29wks.

This was a purely fun appointment. We did the 4D ultrasound and got to see Ella in better detail and real-time movement. She's a chubby little baby too. Well rounded little cheeks, and she was really working that mouth... sticking out her tongue at us. The technician kept trying to get pictures of her doing that but by the time the picture was taken her mouth was closed again. She was still for the first half, and her hands must've been tucked underneith her so that we got lots of clear shots of her face. Then for the last half she was really moving around. Looked like she was working on her boxing moves. The technician said that she was a very photogenic baby. :) She was cute. And without further delay, here she is!!

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