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Dr. Appt. Updates
<< Feb. 5th - 24 wks

Feb. 26th, 27wks.

Wish this had been an unventful appointment. The bad part was doing the blood test that I now get to impatiently await the results of. It's another "no news is good news" sort of thing. The test is for gestational diabetes. Should hear by the end of next Monday, but maybe even tomorrow. I'm hoping to hear nothing of course.

My anxiety over the results is increased because Ella weighed in at 30 weeks, and we're just 27 1/2 now. There is also a good amount of amniotic fluid. Both Ella's weight and the volume of amniotic fluid are normal, but I still can't help but worry. The doctor did say that he wants to monitor the level of fluid closely. One result of too much fluid (and at this point there is not too much) is that the uterus thinks the baby is ready and will go in to preterm labor. Hopefully we don't get to that point. Higher levels of fluid can also be an early sign of gestational diabetes. Ugh... too many things to make me worried!!!!! Ella needs to be healthy and stay put until 40 weeks!! At least she is healthy. She looks perfect.

As for the baby. She is still a "she". Yea! Don't need to return any of the cute girly clothes. She is now head down, and should stay that way until she is born. She currently weighs 3 pounds.

I also gained too much weight in the last 3 weeks. :( So carbs are to be strictly monitored.

Now for the fun part... Pictures!!


The picture on the left is of her face, straight on. The left side of her face is in shadow, but you can clearly see her right eye, her nose, and her lips. Isn't that amazing?! Our little Ella has a face! I can't wait until the 4-D ultrasound. One good thing about having plenty of amniotic fluid is that the ultrasound pictures come out really good.

Speaking of more ultrasounds. The next appointment is in 2 weeks, March 11th (if I failed my test today I will go in sooner for the next round of tests). I will get another ultrasound so the doctor can check the level of fluid. I may not get pictures from that though. But that's okay, because two days before that we will be doing the 4-D ultrasound... March 9th. I'm really excited about that one. That's just a week and a half away.

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