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Dr. Appt. Updates
<< Jan. 8th - 20 wks

Feb. 5th, 24wks.

Pretty uneventful appointment today. Had my belly measured for the first time though. My uterus is measuring a little high for as far along as I am, so I get another ultrasound in 3 weeks! He said it's probably just because I'm short and have a short torso. 4 weeks ago Ella measured perfectly, so I'm not worried. But I'm excited to get to see her again so soon! That appointment is February 26th. (and there will be more pictures!!)

My blood pressure was good as well.

Also at the next appointment is the gestational diabetes test. I get to fast for 12 hours, then gulp down this sweet orange stuff in 5 minutes, then an hour later I get my blood drawn. So this test in combination with the ultrasound will tell us if I have gestational diabetes, or everything is fine.

And we made an appointment for the 4-D ultrasound for March 16th (auntie Katrina's 25th birthday). Very much excited about that as well.

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