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Dr. Appt. Updates
<< Nov. 12 - 12 wks

Nov. 28, 14 wks.

Since my blood pressure had been high at the 2 previous appointments I was asked to come back in at 14 weeks to check up on it. Between the last visit and this one I had purchased a bp monitor to see how it was when I was at home and relaxed. Turns out I just had a bad case of anxiety. Because in addition to the bp monitor we are also now renting a doppler, so I've been monitoring the baby as well as myself. No more reason to be anxious, means no more reason for high blood pressure. Also turns out my doppler is better than the one the doctor had. I took it with me and we ended up using it to find the heartbeat. Everything went fine. Also got a flu shot. :( Next appointment is Dec. 8th at 16 weeks. I'll be changing clinics and doctors. I only went the current one because I needed go before insurance was all figured out. The place I'm switching to I've been going to for years. They are much better equipped, with ultrasound equipment in the office. I have to decide in the next 2 weeks if I want to do prenatal screening or not. It's a tough decision. Weight is up 6 pounds all ready this pregnancy. ugh!

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