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Dr. Appt. Updates
<< Nov. 28- 14 wks

Dec. 9, 16 wks.

This was a pretty uneventful appointment, though it did take longer than the others because I switched doctor's so they did the whole family/medical history thing again. And then we waited a long time for the doctor himself to show up. We really like Dr. Lawrence. He's the doctor who handled my miscarriage and I just thought he was a really genuine, sincere, and caring doctor. And we're happy to be seeing him again under better circumstances.

The baby positioned itself perfectly for the doctor to find it's heartbeat. The doctor didn't even have to search. Just set the doppler in the middle under my belly button and there it was. Good baby!

I did decide to do the prenatal screening. The nurse said that if there were any "bad" results that I would hear from them via a phone call in 2-3 days. Otherwise she said we'd just get a letter 3 weeks from now along with the results of the cystic fibrosis screening I also did. I feel good about my decision and I'm sure everything will be normal when the results come out. He said because I'm only 26 that an amnio should never need to be considered.

The next appointment is January 8th, 10am, at 20 weeks. It's an ultrasound that will hopefully tell us whether we are having a boy or a girl. Let's see if the baby cooperates.

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