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Daily Journal

Week 27, Feb. 19 - Feb. 25

Thursday, February 19th (98 days to go)
Welcome to the Third Trimester People!! Yea!!!

I took some cute pictures of Tilly laying on my belly but I don't have time to work on that right now so that'll have to wait. It's a pretty funny picture though.

Baby Update: By the end of the week, the baby will grow about 1/2 inch longer.- "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Friday, February 20th (97 days to go)
I know my entry yesterday was brief... I didn't elaborate much on my entering the third trimester... and that's depending on what source you read. The "Pregnancy Journal" that I reference everyday says I'm there so we'll go with that. I'm very excited about this milestone though. I was so worried about getting through just the first trimester... we can't believe we're 2/3 of the way through this. And the second trimester went by so quickly, I'm hoping this one does too.

I've got to run. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in... these days.

Baby Update: [This is a moot entry as far as I'm concerned] If [the] baby is a boy, sometime within the next three months, his testes will have completely descended. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Saturday, February 21st (96 days to go)
Spent yesterday evening with some gal pals. Ella performed well for them and all 3 got to feel her move. Ella doesn't usually cooperate so well... not even for her daddy. So far today she has been pretty active. Must be having one of her "up" days.

In the Thursday entry I mentioned some photos I took (as well as a movie) and I finally had time today to get those prepared to be put up here. So first, here is the picture:

Funny Tilly. This next item is a movie clip... only 5 seconds long. The file size is 112 kb, so it's not gigantic, but you will need to save it to your desktop before trying to play it (I'm pretty sure you will need to do that anyways). This is a clip of Tilly massaging the belly (and therefore, the baby).

Baby Update: The baby's lungs continue their rapid growth. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Sunday, February 22nd (95 days to go)
Heartburn kept me up until 2am again last night. Stupid pizza. I drank tons of water and probably took 9 Tums in the course of 4 hours and it didn't really seem to help. And it doesn't seem to matter what time the heartburn starts, it seems to always end at 2 in the morning. And the baby is completely unaware of it all.

Baby Update: The baby's brain continues its rapid growth. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Monday, February 23rd (94 days to go)
I think I narrowly averted heartburn again last night. I didn't even eat that much for dinner, and it wasn't a very fattening meal. I hope this doesn't mean it's going to be a more common problem.

Here is
this week's heartbeat sound with a bunch of movement thrown in. I had a heard time finding the heartbeat to begin with because she was busy moving around. There was a good "belly shake" during this sound clip.

And here is Baby Center's take on 27 weeks.

Baby Update: By this time, the baby's brain wave patterns are similar to those of a full term baby at birth. Activity is beginning in the portions of the brain that process visual and auditory information. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Tuesday, February 24th (93 days to go)
I'm so tired today. Slept awfully last night. Aside from getting up 4 times again, I just wasn't sleeping heavily between each trip. It's getting more and more difficult to get comfy. :(

Some day Ella will read this. Kind of fun to think about... indirect guilt trip.

Baby Update: During this month, the forebrain (portion of the baby's brain just behind the forehead) will enlarge to cover all other developed brain structures, while still maintaining its hemisphere divisions. As a result, some significant brain developments will occur. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

Wednesday, February 25th (92 days to go)
Another poor night of sleep. And I think a mild case of food poisoning. I thought for sure at 5 this morning that I was going to be sick... but I didn't. Ella was clueless... while I was not feeling good, she was bouncing around in there. Had one of the biggest belly shakes yet. I wonder if she's diagonal in there. We will find out tomorrow at 9am (or closely thereafter). Should definately be another night of poor sleep since I have to start fasting as of 7:55pm today (and it's so hard to sleep when all you can think about is how hungry you are!). At 7:55am tomorrow morning I get to drink that orange stuff so that at 9 they can draw my blood and test me for gestational diabetes (a routine test these days). So I get poked, then the baby gets looked at, and then I get talked to by the doctor. So it's a bittersweet appointment tomorrow.

Baby Update: The baby has grown 1/2 inch in just 7 days. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

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