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Daily Journal

Week 14, Nov. 20- 26

Thursday, Nov. 20th
Baby Update: The baby's hand is becoming more and more functional. The baby is is beginning to use its thumb in opposition to the other fingers. Over the next three days, the external sex structures for both females and males will become clearly visible. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Friday , Nov. 21st
Baby Update: The baby practices inhaling and exhaling movements in the womb that send amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs. The presence of fluid may be essential to the proper formation of the air sacs within the lungs. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Saturday , Nov. 22nd
Not a lot to report so far this, the 14th week, of my pregnancy. I have my little routine of checking the baby's heartbeat when I get out of my pj's in the morning and when I change in to them at night. All is well in that department. Less than a week now until we tell everybody our good news. It has been very hard to keep it a secret. I haven't even gone to Giggles in ages because Isaac likes to hang out in the bar area chatting with people and it gets pretty smoky in there.

The doctor and I have different due dates. The doctor's system doesn't take into account menstrual cycles that last longer than 28 days, like mine do. Although this site says we are expecting the baby about May 26th (and the ultrasound technician said the 26th), the doctor says the 23rd. So then by her clock I'll be entering the 2nd trimester this Sunday. That's pretty exciting. I will officially be out of the "danger zone".

Baby Update: The baby is now quite active, but is still so small it could easily move inside the egg of a goose.
- "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Sunday, Nov. 23rd
Baby Update: Over the next three days, the baby's spleen will assume functions supervised by the liver: the removal of old red blood cells and the production of antibodies. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Monday, Nov. 24th
Just another couple of days before people will find out about the baby. I can't wait. It's going to be a stressful couple of days until then because I'll be seeing family that's in town for Thanksgiving and I'll be avoiding seeing them too much so they don't suspect anything. If I make them upset I hope when they hear the news on Wednesday I will be forgiven.

The baby moved to the left side of the uterus recently... last couple of days actually. This morning I had a hard time finding the heartbeat. Here is a clip of the heartbeat for this week. You may hear a little of my own heartbeat in there as well. That's always fun... hearing my heartbeat interwined with the baby's.
heartbeat at 14wks

Baby Update: Much progress has taken place in the development of the baby's mouth. The bony palate, or roof of the mouth, has been complete for some weeks, the sucking muscles are filling out the cheeks, the tooth buds are present under the gums, the esophagus and windpipe are present, and the larynx, or voicebox, is present. By today, the baby's salivary glands will begin to function. Over the next three days, the baby will begine to make breathing, sucking, and swallowing motions. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Tuesday, Nov. 25th
Just one more day until we go public with the baby!!

Baby Update: By this time, the baby's heartbeat can be detected by a listening device called a Doppler (yes, well past that now). The spleen is now fully functional.
- "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Wednesday, Nov. 26th
Today was big day #1. With Isaac's dad and younger brother in town for Thanksgiving we invited them and some friends to the comedy club Giggles, where Isaac and his friend Matty's comedy robot, Robo, would be performing. Isaac had Robo announce that we were having a baby. Considering we met at Giggles, it seemed appropriate that we make the announcement there. Every one was pretty surprised, but very excited. A couple of my friends were screaming, so I had to usher them out of the showroom. It was great fun!!

Baby Update: The arms have almost reached their final proportions and length, but the legs are still quite short. The baby's muscle responses have been changed from mechanical and puppetlike to smooth and fluid, like a newborn's. The baby is 3 1/3 inches long and weighs 1-2 ounces. (Remember that at the end of the second month, the baby measured about 1 inch in length and weight about .04 ounce. Now, it is 3 times as long and more than 50 times as heavy!)
- "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

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