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Daily Journal

Week 13, Nov. 13 - 19

Monday, Nov. 17th
Since this is the first entry I will catch you up to speed with what has happened so far. At 12 weeks and 5 days I have had 3 appointments. 2 with the doctor, and 1 was an ultrasound. I should mention that a lot of you won't know about my miscarriage last year. We kept it private because it was easier for me to handle it that way. But a lot of my anxiety over this pregnancy is because of that. That also explains the ultrasound at 9 weeks. Last time I had what is called a blighted ovum. There was a birth sac and yolk, but no baby. The ultrasound this time showed us a baby with a heartbeat of 185 bps. The average at 8 weeks is about 160 or so.

At the 12 week appointment they looked for the heartbeat with a doppler but couldn't find it. At 12 weeks it can still be early. Also turns out I have an anterior placenta... the placenta is between the doppler and the baby, keeping the baby hidden. Mean placenta!

Still in my regular clothes. I hope to start showing soon. Make this pregnancy more real. Both for me and for Isaac. Who by-the-way is very excited about this baby. He's even excited about working on the nursery. We have to clear out the storage room first and make it homey.

My blood pressure at the doctor visits was high. I ordered a bp monitor last Thursday and it arrived today. So far so good. My bp was normal. My sister had pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy so I wanted to know if I should really be concerned or not. I also rented a doppler for home use so I don't have to wait until that 14 week appointment to hear the heartbeat. As of today I haven't been able to find it. Still too small I guess.

And an update on the baby itself. It is between 2 and 3 inches, and weighs an ounce or 2. It has eye pigmentation and a hair pattern all ready exists. If it's thumb finds its way to its mouth it can suck it. It has full-fledged fingers and toes, complete with fingerprints. All of the organs needed to live are present. By today the baby's 20 baby teeth and their sockets have formed in the gums. About week 10 the baby graduated from embryo to fetus.

Tuesday, Nov. 18th
Heard the baby's heartbeat last night after 3 attempts. Such a relief to finally hear it. And heard it again this morning. Such a miracle. Both when I saw the baby in the ultrasound and when I hear the heartbeat I have a tendency to say "hi" to the baby, as though it can hear me... which it can't yet, though the inner and outer ear are developed. Renting a doppler for $32/mo is well worth it. Hopefully my blood pressure will be fine at the next doctor visit because I won't be anxious like before.

Hear the heartbeat.  (.mp3 file, 136kb - big file)

Baby update: By today, the baby's vocal cords will have formed in its larynx, or voice box. - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Wednesday, Nov. 19th
Isaac is claiming sympathy hunger pains. Mine are really starting to kick in. Trying to be good and eat fruit when I'm hungry (maybe an occasional freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie every now and then). You'd think Isaac was pregnant. He eats pepperccini's for an evening snack just about every day. They are an assault on my sense of smell.

Baby update: By this time, the aby's liver will have begun to secrete bile and the pancreas will have begun to produce insulin (fun!). The intestine have formed into folds and are lined with nutrient-extracting villi. Bile is produced by the liver but is stored in the gall bladder (already formed). (When there is food in the small intestine, the bile will be released into the intestine to help break down fatty foods for digestion). - "The Pregnancy Journal" by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.

Did you know only 60% of American parents say they read to their children? It's true. Isaac and I are big readers so this kid will be read to a lot. Bought the first book yesterday, Dr. Suess's "Horton Hears A Who".

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