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Milestones at a Glance

September 17 - 4 wks and 3 days, Day I discovered I was pregnant.
9 wks, 1st ultrasound, saw heartbeat (185 bps)
11 wks, 5 days, still no heartbeat with doppler at doctor appointment
12wks, 6 days, heard heartbeat for the first time with rented doppler
13wks, 6 days, Thanksgiving Eve, told family and friends about the baby
14wks, Thanksgiving, told the rest of the family about the baby.
14wks, 6 days, made first major baby purchases - carseat, stroller, and crib
15 wks, 2 days, first dream about the baby
15 wks, 2 days, bought first pair of maternity pants
15 wks, 5 days, first heartbeat with doppler at doctor's appointment
15wks, 5 days, prenatal screening at doctor appointment
15 wks, 6 days, felt first difference in abdomen
16 wks, 4 days, definately noticing change in abdomen
18 wks, 5 days, out of regular clothes by now
18 wks, 5 days, start clearing out closet to make way for the nursery
18 wks, 5 days, start to suspect that baby movement is being felt
18 wks, 6 days, got good news about prenatal screening
19 wks, 2 days, felt first movement near belly button.
19 wks, 5 days, am sure that I'm feeling movement (even the baby rolling around)
19 wks, 7 days, nursery is done being painted
20 wks, had ultrasound and were told that it was 98% certain we were having a girl
20 wks, bought first baby girl outfits
20 wks, 3 days, go on vacation!
20 wks, 6 days, Isaac feels the baby move for the first time
21 wks, 20 wk ultrasound
21 wks, 4 days, registered for baby things

24 wks, 1 day, felt a definate body part from the outside
20wks-27wks - baby turns head down
28 wks, gestational diabetes tests (failed the first, passed the second = no gd!)
29 wks, 4D ultrasound (3rd verification of "it's a girl")
31wks - 4th verification of "it's a girl"
32wks - treated for "pregnancy rash", PUPPPs
34wks - first baby shower
34wks - at 34wk appt discovered I was 2 centimeters dilated
35wks - 2nd baby shower
35wks, 4 days - ultrasound and 5th verification of "it's a girl"
36wks - 3rd baby shower
36wks, 1 d - amnio, for lung maturity

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